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 Fress Around

A great way to meet Chavurah members is through the Fress Around, a dining group of 3-4 couples/singles getting together to share a meal at a local restaurant. 

The assigned host will select the restaurant and contact their group to decide on an agreeable date.  The host may offer the option of gathering at their home for appetizers before going to the restaurant, or dessert at their home after the restaurant.

To sign up for the Fress Around, please e-mail your name, e-mail address and phone number to Deb Garon at durgaron@yahoo.com.

Bowling is coming back! 

3rd Saturday evening of every month, beginning May 21. For more information or to sign up – please contact Neal Press at  nmpress@midwaynet.net   

We have volunteers, but still need someone to coordinate. 

Men’s Nosh

Continues at Fenney Grill every Wednesday morning.  For more information, please contact Shelly Ackerman at Ackerman752@gmail.com

Nine and Nosh -

Come and golf with your friends the 4th Sunday morning of every Month.  We play Nine holes executive then go to a nearby restaurant to Nosh.

(Organized by Jill Kornfeldkornfeldj@yahoo.com)

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