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Bereavement Committee - This committee has been formed for the purpose of offering assistance in the event of a death of a loved one. As well, sometimes that person may not be Jewish, but part of our membership. We realize that many of us have no local affiliation with the local Temple or Chabad, and no family in the immediate area or burial may have been planned elsewhere. Pulling all the arrangements together upon death can be overwhelming. We will be on-call and prepared to help, if asked. We will also offer the same assistance to our members that would choose to be buried here, or for someone that may desire to understand what is available with a nearby Chevra Kaddish if a traditional Jewish burial is preferred.  We also have information for Local Funeral Home and Cemetery services for members that are Veterans, or who are singles or partners.​ 

​​For questions, or to volunteer, contact Don Neurman:, or Marty Friedman:


Special Event Cards - If anyone hears of a Chavurah member who is sick, in recovery or has lost a loved one, please Email Sonnie Friedman, so she can send a card to them from the Chavurah.

Meet and Greet for New members - This is an event for new or recent members. Our membership Chairperson, Deb Garon ( will offer new members an opportunity to acclimate to the Chavurah Mission and events, and also do a little schmoozing at the same time. 

Please contact Deb if you are a new member or have recently joined but haven't been to a "meet and greet", and you want to be included


Communications - Richard Klein is our Communications person on the Board, and responsible for posting information on all the Chavurah Activities. Please contact him if you have any changes for the monthly activities. Richard's contact:

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