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​​What is Chavurah?

Our Villages Jewish Chavurah South is a social group of Jewish-minded members, which meet regularly, usually once a month at Eisenhower Recreation Center to create bonds of friendship and enjoy special fun events; some with Jewish themes. The Chavurah is a way for members to create a community of friends by socializing, learning, and celebrating Jewish and non-Jewish local life.

The Chavurah may act as extended family with sharing of lifecycle events and holidays, and may create the beginnings of lifelong friendships, and facilitate remembering our Jewish Heritage.  Our members come from varying degrees of Orthodox and Reform backgrounds, which is in full harmony with our Mission.


A Chavurah can take the “alone feeling” out of being a new member of The Villages community.  It can inject “new life” into being an established member. The Chavurah attempts to create an attitude and atmosphere where we can meet and obtain the best member-to-member organization in this community.

Why join our Chavurah?

Our South Chavurah offers a way for newcomers and members of long standing to be part of an intimate group setting within the family atmosphere.  In our group you really come to know others and become known to them. Chavurah members celebrate each other’s joys and comfort each other during difficult times.  We encourage members to become active on our board or committees.  We eagerly welcome singles and couple members with Jewish and non-Jewish spouses or partners.

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