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Our final event before the summer break will be The Leesburg Blues Brothers featuring a photo-op with their Bluesmobile. It will take place on Saturday, June 8th, at 6 PM at Eisenhower Rec. Center.



Stephen and I want to thank you and everyone else involved into the planning of tonight’s SEDER.
The service was beautiful led by Bill. Bruce did a wonderful job providing our video about the holiday. Too Jays did an outstanding job serving the food - which was delicious! The number of people was perfect. Not too large and thus harder to manage. SeaBreeze Rec was wonderful. And the decoration on the tables was beautiful…
I don’t think I left anything or anyone out. If you would like to repost this to membership you have my permission. An outstanding SEDER. And a fabulous evening spent with “our Villages Family.”
Shelley Costin

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